THe Making of



Our pre production was a little unorthodox.  We set out with a goal to make a 15 second VFX test, something to just challenge us.  But with early style frames fueling further story ideas, we ended up with a 4 minute journey into a world with our ‘lonely creature’ at its center.  John’s first experience with creating a Previz proved a powerful tool as he could “edit backwards” in his words. Check it out below!

Early Sketches & character Design

May 20th, 2014


The actual production took a single day, shot on greenscreen in John's apartment in Brooklyn.  With a handful of talented folk (seriously, check out the crew if you haven't done so already) our day of shooting was flawless and down right fun!  Our equipment ranged from a beautiful RED Dragon, to cheap LED light strips taped to pieces of cardboard for some really unique atmospheric lighting effects.

MUSIC: “Lily White” Written and performed by Podington Bear, from the album “Background”

 And that's a wrap!

 And that's a wrap!

June-September, 2014

3D Production & Post

And into the depths of sleepless nights we went.  This is really where the world of Zerogon was created.  The two of us went back and forth from compositing to 3D, until we had something that we could comfortably agree on.  Everyday was a new visual treat as we blissfully played through the long nights.  And after 5 weeks of 17 hour days, Josh and I turned the corner into the final week of post. 

And the WAR STORY...

Due to immense stress and exhaustion, I wound up losing 75% of my hearing. Nope, this isn't a lie. And this clockwork of irony came with a dash of dark humor, since we were scheduled to finish the sound that final week. Though thankfully, Josh came up with a peculiar plan. He would become my ears, while I “blindly” stitched together the sound, and finished the mix! I hope it worked?  And yes, my hearing restored shortly after.